A. Listening:

B. Reading, Grammar and writing:

I. Read and do the following task:

The Browns are the cat family. They are very friendly. Father the Cat is very serious and clever. He is a businessman. He works in an office. He works hard. Mother the Cat is a doctor. She works in a hospital. She is very kind. Jenny, Tom and Sam are kittens. They are very funny.  Look at them. The white kitten is Jenny. She has got big blue eyes, a pink nose, small ears and a fluffy tail. Jenny is very merry. She likes to run and to jump. She doesn’t like to swim. She likes to play with her toys, too. She has got many toys: a small doll, a red ball and a green ball, a yellow and a blue ribbons. The brown and red kittens are Tom and Sam. They are quick and strong. Their teeth and claws are sharp. They are very naughty. They like to play tag and hide-and-seek all day long. Jenny, Tom and Sam are good friends. They spend a lot of time together. They are happy to be together.